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You may pay for your merchandise by money order, cashier's check, personal check, major credit card, PayPal or Square.

Money order or cashier's check:  Please make payable to "Meredith Laskow".  Personal Check:  Please make payable to "Meredith Laskow".  Due to potential problems with stolen checks and check fraud, orders will be mailed only to the name and address imprinted on the check. 

Credit cards:  American Express, Visa, MasterCard and Discover.  I need the following information:  a. your name as shown on the card;  b. the  complete # on the card;   c. expiration date; and d. the 3 or 4-digit cvv# on the back of the card.  You may submit your credit card # in one of three ways:  

1. via email.  My email is web-based and not on my hard drive (thus not subject to being hacked into and stolen.)  Still, I open email almost every day, copy all your information and then immediately delete; 

2. via snail mail.  You may send the rest of the order via e- or snail, whichever is more convenient; 

or 3. telephone 714-524-5913, call screening and answering machine is on 24/7.  About 50% of the time, machine cuts off after 45 seconds, so please say name-card-#-expiration, loudly and clearly.  If you get cut off, make sure I have your phone # in email and I'll call back.  Please keep in mind that this is a home phone, and if at all possible call between 10am and 11pm California Time (PDT or PST), otherwise you'll wake us. 

4. secure shopping cart at   In order to do this, I need your completed order and shipping details first.  Then I'll set up a reserve listing for your order and send you the link.  You don't have to join ArtFire to access the shopping cart.

5. Square. I can set up a reserve listing for US orders only.

Please address all paper correspondence to:
Meredith Laskow
P.O. Box 673
Placentia, CA
...and please send an email telling me when you do this, so I'll know to look in the box. If I'm shipping to your PO Box, the Post Office will not deliver the package unless they have a name as well as the box number.

714-524-5913.  24/7 call screening and answering machine.  If at all possible, please call between 10am and 11pm, California Time (PST or PDT) as this is a home # and we occasionally sleep.  Sometimes the machine cuts people off, so speak loudly and clearly.  State your name, phone #, and the words, "Meredith, this is a Web customer.  Please pick up the phone", or something to that effect.  If I'm available, I'll answer.  If it's important to speak to me personally (i.e., custom orders, etc.) we can set up a mutually agreeable phone appointment time through email.

An email confirmation will be sent as soon as I receive your payment, and merchandise will be mailed within one week of this email unless I specify otherwise.  Personal checks need to clear my bank first, usually 7-10 days.  If I need to order supplies, this adds one to two weeks onto the shipping date, and I'll email to tell you.


     Packages are sent via U.S. Mail (USPS), unless you specify UPS.  Go to for current rates, then add $1 handling.  C.O.D. is never an option, period. 

     Your total shipping cost consists of three components:  1. actual postage cost:  USPS rates within the U.S. are usually between $2.35 and $4.50, depending on weight.  Priority mail is now $5.35 small package and $10.95 large to US addresses. For overseas packages, prices are $7.35 for 1-2 oz., $10.45 for 3-4 oz. and $14 for 5 ounces.  Go to for current rates.  If you're sending Paypal or paper payment, write first to ask how much shipping will be.  
2.  handling fee:   $1 per package, probably the lowest in the business.  This is for the time it takes me to pack your order and take it to the Post Office.  The cost includes packing materials, like bubble-wrap envelopes.   

 3. insurance:  go to for current rates.  Not required unless you want it.
4. Do not ask me for discounts on postage rates.  Until the Post Office gives me a discount, I can't offer one to you.  I do not make a profit on postage.  If you change your order, the shipping may change to reflect that.  Basically, it's weight.  Weight, weight, and weight -- no matter how much I like you.

In no way shape or form will any of your information be shared with a third party.


$5 USA, $10 everywhere else

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