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Meredith's Jewelry Supplies

gift certificates

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Gift certificates are available in any amount of your choice, starting at $10.  Gift certificates can be spent at any of my websites.
Here's how it works:
1. decide on the amount you want the recipient to get.
2. add 10% for postage within the USA.  Canada:  add 12%.  Email me for other rates outside the USA.
3. (optional) add insurance:  $1.65 for amounts up to $50; $2.05 for up to $100; $1.10 for each additional $50.  Packages to foreign countries cannot be insured.
4. you pay me this total
For example:  If you want to send a $50 gift certificate
$50 + 10% ($5) + $1.65 = $56.65 (your remittance)
5. I'll send the recipient an email, with the header "Gift Certificate for Meredith's Jewelry, from Your Name (or anonymous, if you prefer!).  Please tell me WHEN you want this email sent.
Each certificate will be numbered and sent to the name and email you provide.  The numbering will prevent duplication or altering of the amount.

New! For only $1 extra, your jewelry order will be packaged in a nice cotton-filled gift box with your choice of greeting card: Christmas, Hanukkah, general birthday, or non-holiday picture card — floral, animals, art, Native American, Jewish art.

If you like, I can ship directly to the recipient and write your greeting on the card.

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